Compañía Armour de Cuba

Armour and Company

also: Compañía Abono Armour de Cuba (Armour Fertilizer)

Mercaderes 15, Havana, Cuba

This firm produced perfins from 1917 to 1928.

Here are a couple of CA perfined covers:

1922 CA Perfin Cover

Used 21 June 1922 to Ashville, North Carolina, USA
CA perfin on 2¢ Máximo Gómez definitive (1917) - Scott 265, Edifil 206

Armour cover 1923

Used 10 February 1923 to New York City
CA perfin on 3¢ José de la Luz definitive (1917) - Scott 266, Edifil 207

Here are some of the stamps which have CA perfins.

CA perfin reverse   CA Edifil 205   CA Edifil 206   CA Edifil 206a   CA Edifil 207   CA Edifil 210   CA Edifil 214   CA Edifil 215   CA Edifil 224   Jones Catalog GP9  

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