Enrique Armaignac

Gallo 66 (now 10 de Octubre), Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

This firm produced perfins from 1917 to 1945.

Here are two EA covers produced in that time:

EA Cover 1934

Used 21 March 1934 to Buffalo, New York, USA
EA perfin on 3¢ José de la Luz definitive (1930) - Scott 310, Edifil 253
Translation of envelope: "Furs, shoemaking and saddlery"

EA Cover 1934

Used 31 July 1934 to New York, NY
EA perfin on 10¢ Estrada Palma definitive (1930) - Scott 307, Edifil 247

Here are some of the stamps which have EA perfins:

EA perfin reverse   EA Edifil 205   EA Edifil 206   EA Edifil 206a   EA Edifil 215   EA Edifil 252   EA Edifil 253   EA Edifil 269  

Casa Armaignac

Old newspaper photo of the Armaignac business (notice the boot on the sign in the photo).
This photo was sent to me by Pietro Enrico Armaignac, grandson of Enrique Armaignac.

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