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Journal Editor:   Ernesto Cuesta
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Robert LittrellMark Piper
Rudy J. Roy, Jr.Mark R. Tyx

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Journal issue No. 1
July--Sept., 2010
Journal issue No. 2
October-December, 2010
Journal issue No. 3
January--March, 2011
Journal issue No. 4
April—June, 2011
Journal issue No. 5
July—September, 2011
Journal issue No. 6
October-December, 2011
Journal issue No. 7
January—March, 2012
Journal issue No. 8
April—June, 2012
Journal issue No. 9
July—September, 2012
Journal issue No. 10
October-December, 2012
Journal issue No. 11
January—March, 2013
Journal issue No. 12
April—June, 2013
Journal issue No. 13
July—September, 2013
Journal issue No. 14
October-December, 2013
Journal issue No. 15
January—March, 2014
Journal issue No. 16
April—June, 2014
Journal issue No. 17
July—September, 2014
Journal issue No. 18
October-December, 2014
Journal issue No. 19
January—March, 2015
Journal issue No. 20
April—June, 2015
Journal issue No. 21
July—September, 2015
Journal issue No. 22
October-December, 2015
Journal issue No. 23
January—March, 2016
Journal issue No. 24
April—June, 2016
Journal issue No. 25
July-September, 2016
Journal issue No. 26
October-December, 2016
Journal issue No. 27
January—March, 2017
Journal issue No. 28
April—June, 2017
Journal issue No. 29
July-September, 2017
Journal issue No. 30
October-December, 2017
Journal issue No. 31
January—March, 2018
Journal issue No. 32
April—June, 2018
Journal issue No. 33
July—September, 2018
Journal issue No. 34
October—December, 2018
Journal issue No. 35
January—March, 2019
Journal issue No. 36
April—June, 2019
Journal issue No. 37
July—September, 2019
Journal issue No. 38
October-December, 2019
Journal issue No. 39
January—March, 2020
Journal issue No. 40
April—June, 2020
Journal issue No. 41
July—September, 2020
Journal issue No. 42
October-December, 2020
Journal issue No. 43
January—March, 2021
Our Monographs
Monograph No. 1 - Guide to Expertizing Puerto Príncipe Surcharges
Monograph No. 2 - The 1892 - 1898 Postal Cards of Cuba - New Discoveries
Monograph No. 3 - Tina Modotti and the Cuban Julio Antonio Mella postal cards of 1965 - 1986
Monograph No. 4 - Baracoa - Cuba's First City: A Postal History
* Monograph No. 5 - United States Military Stations in Cuba 1898-99
* Monograph No. 6 - Cuban Stamp Booklets
* Monograph No. 7 - Maritime Mail Via the Caribbean, 1779 - 1879
Monograph No. 8 - Perfins on the Postage Stamps of Cuba
Monograph No. 9 - The Creation of Telegraph Stamps in Cuba
Monograph No. 10 - Plating of the Emerald Green Value of the Alfonso XIII 1891 Issue of Cuba
Monograph No. 11 - Cuban Airport Tax Stamps 1993 - 2015
Monograph No. 12 - Guantanamera - The Postal History of the United States Navy Base in Guantánamo, Cuba
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Our thanks to Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library

Our special thanks also go to the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library (RMPL) for providing their printing facilities to print our publications. The RMPL is a wonderful philatelic library that is managed and supported by a very dedicated group of volunteer philatelists. Several ICPS members are also members of the RMPL. We urge you to visit the RMPL Website to learn more about this great philatelic library and consider becoming a member.


The Society will publish a quarterly Journal with all content in both English and Spanish. The Journal will have the following characteristics:

  1. The full content of the journal shall be provided in both English and Spanish.
  2. The journal shall be published in full color.
  3. The journal shall be available in hardcopy or electronic form.

The Society's Editorial Board shall fully support the Journal Editor in the planning, preparation, publication, and distribution of the Society Journal.


The Society Journal will strive to provide content covering all periods of Cuban philately:

  1.   Spanish Colonial Pre-stamp Period until 1855
  2.   Spanish Colonial Stamp Period from 1855 to 1898
  3.   War of Independence Revolutionary Mail
  4.   US Administration from 1898 to 1902
  5.   The Republic from 1902 to 1958
  6.   The Socialist Revolution from 1959 to date

The Journal will also include a variety of other topics of a general nature such as Society news and reports, Treasurer's reports, auction results, committee and working group reports, letters to the Editor and responses, book reviews, ongoing activities in the world of Cuban philately, and anything else that might be of interest to Cuban philatelists in general.

Society members are encouraged to submit items to the Editor for consideration to be published in the Society journal.

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