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Postal Stationery / Enteros Postales

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Send scans to: Octavio Cabrera.

Revolutionary period postal stationery
Enteros postales de la revolución

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Send scans to: Octavio Cabrera.

Errors, Freaks and Oddities List

Lista de faltas - errores

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The first American post office at Guantanamo Bay. Collectors Ron Hill and Mark Piper are in the process of researching this topic. According to an article in the New York Times, the post office opened on 14 July 1907. However, all cancels so far studied date from December, 1908 to the end of April, 1909. We ask our viewers to send decent photocopies or JPGs of any examples of this cancel for further study. Email images to Mark Piper and photocopies can be mailed to Mark Piper, 482 Joost Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94127-2406. Thanks to everyone ahead of time for their efforts.

Telegraph stamps / Telégrafos

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Send scans to: Robert Littrell.

EARLY MACHINE CANCELS - I am seeking good scans of early machine cancellations. Hampden (shown), Doremus, Krag, or any other machine cancel is welcome. Envelope entire, rather than just the cancellation, is requested when possible. Send scans to: Robert Littrell.

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