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Here is something new! If you are a member of ICPS, then you can display your very own pages of Cuban philatelic material! Put your best foot forward and let Robert Littrell help you put together your own exhibition.

I am hoping to hear from you now! Contact me and let's get you displayed!

Click on a page below to see a wonderful selection of exhibits!

Perfins on the Stamps of Cuba —
Rudy Roy's pictorial exhibition of Cuban perforated insignia stamps

This is one of the best presentations of perfins from any country, let alone Cuba.
Puerto Principe Stamp

Issues of Puerto Príncipe
by Pedro Ortiz

A very fine collection illustrating all five printings and most of the five positions and denominations in each printing

Spanish Antilles
by Pedro Ortiz

Pedro Ortiz contributes a wonderful 16 slide showing the progression of Spanish Antilles stamps

Slogan Cancellations of the Cuban Republic

Machine slogan cancellations of the Cuban Republic.
Socialist Slogans

Slogan Cancellations of the Socialist Period

Machine slogan cancellations from 1959 to date.

Illustrated Envelopes of Cuba —
An exhibition of artsy Cuban covers to which YOU can contribute!

We would like to have more covers from any period. Can you help?

Centros de Hoja of Cuba, 1926 - 1952

Virtually all of Cuba's centros de hoja are seen on these pages
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History of Cuba in Stamps
by Donald Frederick

Donald Frederick has a sampler of 13 pages of stamps from Cuba which tell of Cuba's history. Very nice layout and story!
Magnan collection

The Stamps and Postal Stationery of Cuba:
Patrick Mangan's Collection

This exhibit contains the majority of Patrick Mangan's collection with an emphasis on the Republic.

The Early Machine Cancels of Cuba
by Rich Small

A study of Cuban machine cancels by one who is knowledgable in the field.
1 Peso block of 4

The 1898 Alfonso XIII Stamps of Cuba
by Pedro Ortiz

A comprehensive study of these 1898 issues in 42 pages.

Celebrating Railroads
by Daniel Chaij

Daniel Chaij has stamps from Cuba which celebrate railroads. A terrific presentation.

Wonderful World of Errors, Freaks and Oddities
on the Postal Stationery of the Castro era
by Octavio Cabrera

This exhibit gives you a choice of looking at slides of EFO's of Postal Cards, Stamped Envelopes and Letter Sheets, Aerograms and Mother's Day Cards

Constant Varieties of the One Centavo Martí Postal Card

Illustration of the Littrell and Cabrera article
in the Journal of Cuban Philately

Earliest Reported Postmarks (ERPs)
of Cuban Postal Stationery

A tradition of the UPSS, carried on for Cuba. Scans of the earliest stamped envelopes and postal cards.

Stamped Envelopes of Cuba, 1899 - 1949
by Robert Littrell

This Cuban collection comprehensively examines 50 years of stamped envelopes.

Postal Cards of Cuba, 1878 - 1955
by Robert Littrell

This extensive Cuban postal card collection is a comprehensive look at the subject.

Cuba's Aerograms, 1957 to date

This collection exhibits all Cuban aerograms, mint and used.

Plating of Cuba's 1896 Postal Card

A side by side comparison of the 1898 known plate positions and the 1896 positions

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